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Market research organization (*) forecasts a brilliant future in the 2014-2020 period for organic foods and beverages in the world. 2014-2020.

A recent study by Grand View Research, Inc. observes the organic food & beverages market to grow at about 15,5% CAGR (= Compound annual growth rate average annual growth average compound) during the period 2014 al 2020 (forecast period) according Medgadget (an independent means of doctors and biomedical engineers).

The study also estimates that the market will reach US $ 212 billion by the end of that period. This can be attributed to healthy awareness of food consumption and non-organic beverages loaded with antibiotics, pesticides, etc. harmful to human health. Conversely, organic food and drinks are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. So, increased demand 10% from the 2007.

However, there are large price differences between organic and non-organic. Even more, Organic products have a shorter life counter. Even so, the future looks bright for the market for organic food and beverages, partly due to government support (in developed countries).

More than one hundred sixty countries in the world practice organic farming. The US market for organic food and beverages reached almost half the world market, It is followed by Europe with a share of 44% in the same year. The Asia-Pacific will be the fastest growing in the near future. The world market is fragmented and highly competitive.

(*) Extraído de ORGANIC FOOD AND BEVERAGES MARKET SHOULD REACH $211.44 BILLION BY 2020 (, by Editor, Dec. 31, 2015)

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