Nordic Food Partners A / S is a Danish company specializing in the supply of foodstuffs. Stocked distributors, catering companies and European industrial customers. Our business philosophy and purpose is supplying high quality food products, affordable and contribute to the growth of production prices and consumption of organic food products.



Urmatt, we strive to imagine a better world and participate in making that happen. Our projects are fully integrated, with an exhaustive control from seed to shipment. We continue to make our ecological agricultural projects, helping indigenous farmers and innovating new products in health and nutrition.



Ceres Organics has become the largest distributor of organic products in New Zealand; including dry products, skin products, body, hair coloring products and, and
cleaning products.
CeresEntreprises proposes to retailers demanding natural products for their consumers.
With a range of products increasingly expanding, Ceres educates and encourages consumers to lead healthy lives and promotes a healthier New Zealand.
Ceres obtains its raw materials certified organic New Zealand and other regions of the world. Betting on long-term relationships that allow us to establish healthy social structures, but duraderas, from the field to the supermarket.



We help retailers and importers worldwide to find the best prices and professional opportunities in the South American market. We specialize in the market for nuts, nuts, olives, oils, preserves and organic products.

Our goal is to find suitable products and producers to meet the needs of our consumers. We try to establish long-term relationships that ensure effective business operations. One of our goals is to find new business opportunities for our clients, using our long experience in managing retail.



Chain production and trade of organic food and products. Solstbio meets the interests of the chain of organic trade, biodinámico y justo, always led to social. Organizes courses and conferences related to organic production, promoting the integration of ideas, the formation of a business network between different segments of the industry in harmony with the environment, operates mostly in the areas related to the production and marketing of organic food.


Lic. Ernesto Gustavo Engels

Lic. Ernesto Gustavo Engels

Gcia. Commercial

    Alejandro Ernesto Caracciolo

    Alejandro Ernesto Caracciolo

    Logistics and Customs

      Alejandro Ferrari

      Alejandro Ferrari

      Quality and Processes,,es,President,,es,Director ,,en,Teacher,,es,Quality and Processes,,es

        Carolina Libreiro

        Bookseller Carolina,,gl,Internal market,,es,Sabrina,,en

        Mercado Interno



            Lic. Christian Eugenio Martinez

            Lic. Christian Eugenio Martinez


            President in Organic Latin America SA
            Director in Silchron SA

            Teacher in Faculty of Agronomy UBA
            Aggregate Economic in Argentina Embassy in Mexico
            Director Provincial in Government of the Province of Buenos Aires

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