Latin America Organic S.A. is a company whose objective is to differentiate through technology, innovation, knowledge and the production of different types of organic rice, which comply with the features requested by our customers and allow us to apply to different markets around the world. Rice offer different sizes, shapes, colors, flavors, cooking points, percentage of amylose and better nutritional facts like the percentage of protein contained in the grain, between others..

Since 2012 we are working on the development and innovation of new rice varieties, seeking to improve genetics and production potential of the same. During this campaign (2014-2015), our team of agronomists specialized in the development and production of new varieties, planted an experimental station of 20.000 m2 or 4,24 acres in the province of Corrientes, where they were developed and evaluated more than 20 new varieties of organic rice and new organic products were tested, certified SENASA, in order to achieve higher yields, under a system of organic and sustainable production of high performance..

In this area was planted Japonica Short Grain varieties like Yamani type, Japonica Medium-Grain varieties like Carnaroli type, Tropical Long Grain varieties like Double Carolina type and High-protein varieties Grain.

The field was prepared free of weeds. Planting and harvesting were carried out with specialized machines. We measure manually the number of tillers per plant, ears per plant, number of grains per spike and the potential yield per hectare (10.000 m2), calculated with reference to several samples of 12 of each variety were evaluated..

During the campaign 2015-2016, our team of specialized agronomists will continue innovating, hoping to develop two new research stations in the provinces of Corrientes and Chaco, Where will be sowing and analyzing new rice varieties that will reduce arsenic and heavy metals absorption. Different inoculants, fertilizers,, fungicides and organic insecticides will be tested and also we will be develop new and different planting and irrigation techniques..

All these developments and innovations aimed at improving organic farming in general and the production of our producer members in particular , have as objetive obtain better rice varieties,, higher yields and higher commercial value of their productions. Under our business vision we seek to develop and strengthen a strategic alliance of producers with our clients abroad with the aim of achieving a more efficient complementation between supply and demand..

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